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ITRoaster is one of the prominent third party tech support firms, which is engaged in offering a wide range of tech support services to the customers such as Email, antivirus printer and router support. Our company is not directly connected to the companies or services which are mentioned in the website. ITRoaster regards the trademark terms of separate proprietors and pronounces that names and logos on this site are the properties of their particular proprietors and are demonstrated for reference purposes just.

Welcome To IT Roaster Customer Support

Services That We Offers
Email Support

We are one of the leading third party companies which is engaged in offering Email Customer support services according to the issues experienced by the users. Some of the email customer solutions we provide are yahoo customer support, Gmail customer support, Roadrunner customer support, Zoho customer support and so on. You can call us any time to get instantaneous support from us.

Antivirus Support

If you are desirous of getting affordable antivirus customer support services against all your antivirus issues, then you can get efficient services from us. Our pool of certified technicians can offer you qualitative assistance to your antivirus snags in the best possible way. Hence pick our customer services to remove any technical issue related to any of your antivirus programs.

Printer Support

If you are the one who is looking for an excellent printer customer support can contact us anytime. We are capable of providing quality customer support to the petty or complex issues occurred in your printer. Any sort of printer issue is effectively tackled by our executives who have years of experience in this field.

Router Support

There are many individuals who are tensed because of the occurrence of issues in their routers. These people are always in search of perfect router customer support services. If you are among them then don't be tensed as you can get our technical support solutions to ward off any issues which occur in your router.

Why Choose Us?

Is it really necessary to spend your precious time wondering what is wrong with your Outlook again when you can have our agents at your service at any time.

Microsoft like many other prominent and small time Email and other similar service providers doesn't send any at home assistance. Some companies offer the service for laptops and other hardware products but that ends as well when the warranty period is over. In simpler words, you are left with a phone number and the lazy chat option to resolve your technical complaints. Is that sufficient? Or rather, is that all that you can use to find great and easy solutions for your Gmail account?

With our professional, independent and affordable solutions for just about any technical query, we assure you that you will be offered solutions beyond the helpline and chat consultation. Our house calls for onsite services, Fixed duration services for routinely checks and updates wit security settings management and performance evaluations, we provide a wider, bigger and much more affordable package of technical support. With our service, you will never have to look online to find excessively length threads and with our proficient, professional and priority basis service, you will have all of your technical requirements taken care of.

Get in touch with our agents now to get started with our feasible technical solutions.

What Makes Us Unique?

At ITRoaster corp., we are about finesse and priority of troubleshooting solutions. When we take up a case, our motto is that the client has never deal with such an error in future again. So, by hiring our private technical support services, you are essentially getting yourself not only immediate assistance but also a solution to end all of your technical struggles once and for all.

The team at ITRoaster Corp. has been chosen following stringent screening process to build adherence to our security and privacy policy. To advance security of client data, we have formulated distinct teams that undertake sensitive complaints that require full access to user data. With numerous of our agents providing onsite, house calls services to remote access solutions; we maintain seamless technical servicing throughout the year, 24*7.

For those looking to explore, we have free consultation through chat and telephone accessible and those with longer requirements can enjoy discount benefits with our subscription services for annual period (duration customizable option available). While we are at it, we'd also like to make a point to elaborate that we solely operate as an independent tech support company and not as any sort of affiliate of the companies whose products and services we render customer support for.

How We Work ?

Virus, Email, hardware complaints are largely common these days but it doesn't mean that you have needed to put up with them. With effectual and lucrative service options, you can not only get rid of your Printer, Router, Computer/Laptop, Email, Virus, etc issues but also be able to use your technological hardware , Email among others optimally.

Being a third party, we keep an onsite team available for immediate house calls. This includes providing service on a local basis as users who cal from surrounding areas are provided the option of at home services. Our agents strive to provide the best of solutions for all complaints pertaining to Email (such as password reset or paid annual subscription/bandwidth, management of accounts on group level, etc), Router and Printer issues, Anti Virus solutions for PC, Laptops, Mobile Phones, etc.

Our security and privacy policy is transparent and we believe in maintaining high standards when it comes to convenience troubleshooting. You can anticipate not just excellent service but also pricing that you can afford. We ensure that our clients find the best solutions as per their budget and receive optimized solutions without any delays.